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It's better to be alone than to be in bad company.

Happiness is all I want for you that it is. Hoping he will cherish you and treasure you. I thank you for the short period of delusion. Now, all i have is your silhouette.

How many people do i need to meet before i know who is mine? Do i really need to get there and here just to know if there is someone out there waiting? Perhaps there’s nothing in there but an empty space. I met this one of a kind lady which made me feel peculiar yet happy. I promise to my self if i found something about her that might change my perception, I will accept it but now someone is in the front row and taking one step at a time and they are nearly there.

Keep practicing and be good at it.

you keep on sending me signals, signals that mess my radar. sometimes you give me blinking red dots but sometimes it is so hard to locate your spot.

Are you ready for the Sinulog Festival?

Are you ready for the Sinulog Festival?

in short, fuck tumblr’s attitudes about “grades don’t matter” and “i’m offended because someone is breathing” and “it’s cool to be apathetic and hate everything” because the world doesn’t fucking cater to you guys, you pretentious assholes who expect everything in life to be sugar coated to y’all and you’re gonna have to grow up sometime

Why are we going to discuss death when we have a lot of lively happy memories? Why are you asking about what will happen in the future when you are not doing something at the present? Why are you spending your time with someone who doesn’t see your value? Why are you worried with your health when we are all end up dying? Why are you hiding your self inside that rotten box? Are you worried with your looks? Are you afraid to be judged by others? It is non of their business! 

My friend has this funny perception that he and his wife (just got married) will soon carry a baby, and I just started a relationship with someone special. It’s okay, I’m wiling to be a godfather. Ha!

You made your choice and you seem like you regret everything. You look exhausted and drained but you are avoiding all the opportunities that might save you and your family. You are the only one who put your self inside the cage but you know you are not safe, nowhere is since you keep on turning your back to face the agony. However, it is never too late to kick and to repent brother. Hoping that you’ll wake up from your bad dream and find the right way.

Happy New Year! 

wala na ang pagkakasabik. wala na ang pagpupursige. wala na ang pagmamahalan. wala na ang kasiyahan. mamatay na ang apoy, tulongan mo ako upang lagyan ng kahoy ang tumatamlay kong apoy. ayaw ko mabalot sa dilim, dalhin mo ako sa lugar ng mga masayahin.

Merry Christmas everyone!